Make A Difference

My two sons play basketball, and these are my words to them whenever they have practice or a game: “Hustle your ‘backside’ off. Obey your coach. Make a difference.” These are simple words, but very profound – and I believe it is great advice for any athlete or anyone who is part of a team. Ultimately, we all want our efforts to make a difference.  It would be terrible if we put a lot of effort into something and it not make a difference.

This week I received a four paragraph email from a guest explaining to me how much his visit to our store made a difference in his day.  His daughter had broken her arm and as soon as she left her hospital in her new cast, she wanted to go to Chick-fil-A.  Well, her visit to our store turned a terrible day into a good day for her, because we had a team member “make a difference” by taking an interest in the little girl.  The team member even offered her a free milkshake, and her father was so touched that he sent me an email to let me know.

This example is just one of so many examples of ways that we are able to make a difference in the lives of guests every day by the way our team treats them with honor, dignity and respect and by the way our team serves them.

It’s an honor to serve you and work to make a difference for you, our guests, every day at Chick-fil-A!!

Shane Todd