My two favorite team sports are football and basketball. The two have a a lot in common: offense, defense, great plays, great players, great coaches, upsets, comebacks, and… halftime. Some sports, like baseball, do not have a half time, but football and basketball do. Halftime is a time to get a little rest and regroup. It is a time to consider the performance of the first half and make necessary adjustments for the second half. Sometimes, halftime is even a time to recalibrate the goals that were set before the game.

For many of you, May represents the beginning of halftime for the year of 2017. Many of you have been in school for the entire year to this point and will resume in August. Some of you will continue to go to school this summer, but at a slightly slower pace. Others of us are not in school, but Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer in which we look forward to a little down time.

I hope that each of you will be able to take advantage of your “halftime” to prepare for the second half. Make a commitment to better yourself this summer, to experience something new, to recalibrate your goals, to rest in the Lord for a while, to hang out with old friends, to make new friends, to go to the beach or the mountains, to eat a fresh tomato sandwich, and to love life!

Halftime exists for a reason. No, life does not stop. The bills continue to come in. The responsibilities still exist. But, halftime can be a little different pace than the rest of the year. I hope and pray that you come out of halftime refreshed and ready to win the second half of 2017!

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