Our Purpose:

To Glorify God

by being a faithful steward

of all that is entrusted to us


to have a positive influence on

all who come in contact with

Chick-fil-A Logo
The Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich Meal
Our Vision at Chick-fil-A
To lead a restaurant where customers can count on an experience unlike any other in restaurant or retail. Where our organization accommodates their needs in such a way that hope for the world is restored. That our team members experience a work environment that impacts their life in a way that leads them to become the best they can be. We are inspired by the SERVE model for great leaders which challenges us to:

See and Shape the Future –
Engage and Develop Team Members –
Reinvent Continuously –
Value Results and Relationships –
Embody the Values –

Strategic Anchors
We adapt Pat Lencioni’s approach to building a healthy organization by answering the question “How will we succeed” through identifying Strategic Anchors. We use our Strategic Anchors to inform every decision we make as an organization and to provide the filter through which decisions must be evaluated to ensure consistency and efficiency. Our Strategic Anchors are:

Customer Experience
Team Member Experience
Business Results
Food Safety

Thus we consider each decision we make as it would affect our guests, our team members and our business results.
Must Wins
We regularly assess as an organization what is most important right now as it pertains to Guest Experience, Team Member Experience and Business Results. Our Must Wins are generally similar, but can change over time as we meet our goals.
Right now, our organization is working toward achievement in Operational Excellence and Second Mile Service, creating Raving Fan Team Members through comprehensive team member training and development, and growing our business through marketing and catering.