We at Chick-fil-A Beechwood & Barnett Shoals are not just passionate about leadership but also about instilling a culture of leadership development in our organization. For our team members who have Chick-fil-A in mind for his or her long-term career, we’ve created the Propel Development Program.

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Part of our mission is to create not just Raving Fans in our guests but to create Raving Fan Team Members as well. We consider Raving Fan Team Members to be team members ​who consider his or her job ​to be ​measurable and relevant and team members who feel seen​, heard​ and validated​ in the workplace​.

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We consider our organization​ to be​ not just a business but, in a lot of ways, a ministry in which we are able to provide jobs, give generously to our community and ​have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A. We call this our Wheel of Impact​.

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Stephen Covey says to begin with the end in mind, and we believe that philosophy is powerful. We have designed Organizational Playbooks for our business as a whole and within each sector of our Auxiliary Roles (Marketing, Catering, Development, Training and Human Resources).  See how our vision, mission and values influence our short-term and long-term goals to create a culture of winning.

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