Things I am thankful for…..

Posted November 1st, 2017

The mess to clean up after a party because it means I am surrounded by friends….
The taxes I pay because it means I have a job….
The clothes that fit a little snug because it means I have food to eat…
A lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home…..
The space I find at the end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking….
My big heating bill because it means I am warm….
The lady behind me at church that sings off key because it means she is worshiping and it means I can hear….
The piles of laundry because it means I have clothes to wear…
Weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive….
The alarm that goes off in the early hours of the morning because it means I am alive!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Shane Todd

The Genius of the “And”: Top Gun!

Posted October 1st, 2017

It doesn’t take long to figure out that doing one thing well is not very difficult. Most of us are smart enough that if we concentrate on one single thing – we will be good at it. Well, we know that both life and business require for us to be successful at more than one thing. In fact, at Chick-fil-A, we consider many things important, and we work hard to be our best in many different areas. It takes talent, skill and effort to win in multiple areas. You could say that to be good in many things actually takes “genius”. Sometimes, our Athens Chick-fil-A leaders refer to “the genius of the AND”. That means we are winning at this AND that AND this AND the other. And we’re proud to say we are!

We have just been notified that our two stores, Barnett Shoals and Beechwood, have been awarded the “Top Gun” award from CFA, Inc. In fact we are at the very top of the list – #1 – in the chain for being both fast AND accurate!!! We are at the top of the chain in speed of service to our customers while also being among the most accurate restaurants in all of Chick-fil-A. This is REALLY hard to do… both FAST and ACCURATE at the same time. But our team is doing it!!

We’re so thankful to each of our team members for working with urgency to serve guests fast AND concentrating to fill the orders correctly!! Team, you are TOP GUN!!! You are also GENIUS!!

Shane Todd

Honor, Dignity and Respect

Posted September 1st, 2017

In Athens, we have a tremendous impact on our guests and our community when we operate at a high level. One of the ways we impact so many people is by treating them with honor and dignity and respect.

“Yes ma’am”. “My pleasure”. “I would be delighted to carry that for you.” Speaking to people with kindness and with respectful lingo brings honor to them.

Holding doors for our guests. Removing trays from tables. Making eye contact when we speak. These gestures of kindness show dignity to our guests and our teammates.

The world desperately needs kindness! We can practice kindness in all parts of our life. At the grocery store parking lot, we can offer to roll the cart back to the store for someone. In a fast food drive thru we can speak kindly to the worker in the window.

At Chick-fil-A, we highly value treating people with honor, dignity and respect. We’re so grateful to our team for modeling this for the world to see and for our customers to experience. These actions are contagious!! This kindness makes the world a better place.

Have a great September!!

Shane Todd


Posted August 1st, 2017

Our mission at Chick-fil-A is simply “to be the best that we can be…”

We have the opportunity to SERVE guests at an extremely high level. With warm and engaging greetings, eye contact, smiles, enthusiastic tone of voice, and a fond farewell. We get to do this to thousands of guests every day!!! We get to go the “second mile” by following our warm-hearted impulses to serve above and beyond. We get to be a bright light in a dark world. Recently, one of our managers actually changed a customer’s flat tire in our parking lot. Now THAT is going the second mile!!!

We have the opportunity to INFLUENCE each other in a positive way. For our team to receive positive instruction and communication from our leaders. For each of us to speak kindly to each other and encourage each other. For each one of us to work hard and “pull our weight” so that no one has to carry too much of the load alone. For us to challenge each other to be the best that we can be on each and every shift. For everyone of us to experience fulfillment at work.

We have the opportunity to BUILD our business and let our light shine throughout this entire community. By serving crave-able food, delivering to customers that otherwise would not eat with us, and by being fun and relevant on social media we can create new business opportunities. We get to look for new business ventures every day so as to create more jobs and meet the needs of more people.

SERVE, INFLUENCE and BUILD is what it means to be the best that we can be. This is what we get to do. This is our mission!

Shane Todd


Posted July 1st, 2017

My two favorite team sports are football and basketball. The two have a a lot in common: offense, defense, great plays, great players, great coaches, upsets, comebacks, and… halftime. Some sports, like baseball, do not have a half time, but football and basketball do. Halftime is a time to get a little rest and regroup. It is a time to consider the performance of the first half and make necessary adjustments for the second half. Sometimes, halftime is even a time to recalibrate the goals that were set before the game.

For many of you, May represents the beginning of halftime for the year of 2017. Many of you have been in school for the entire year to this point and will resume in August. Some of you will continue to go to school this summer, but at a slightly slower pace. Others of us are not in school, but Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer in which we look forward to a little down time.

I hope that each of you will be able to take advantage of your “halftime” to prepare for the second half. Make a commitment to better yourself this summer, to experience something new, to recalibrate your goals, to rest in the Lord for a while, to hang out with old friends, to make new friends, to go to the beach or the mountains, to eat a fresh tomato sandwich, and to love life!

Halftime exists for a reason. No, life does not stop. The bills continue to come in. The responsibilities still exist. But, halftime can be a little different pace than the rest of the year. I hope and pray that you come out of halftime refreshed and ready to win the second half of 2017!

Shane Todd

Make A Difference

Posted March 1st, 2017

My two sons play basketball, and these are my words to them whenever they have practice or a game: “Hustle your ‘backside’ off. Obey your coach. Make a difference.” These are simple words, but very profound – and I believe it is great advice for any athlete or anyone who is part of a team. Ultimately, we all want our efforts to make a difference. It would be terrible if we put a lot of effort into something and it not make a difference.

This week I received a four paragraph email from a guest explaining to me how much his visit to our store made a difference in his day. His daughter had broken her arm and as soon as she left her hospital in her new cast, she wanted to go to Chick-fil-A. Well, her visit to our store turned a terrible day into a good day for her, because we had a team member “make a difference” by taking an interest in the little girl. The team member even offered her a free milkshake, and her father was so touched that he sent me an email to let me know.

This example is just one of so many examples of ways that we are able to make a difference in the lives of guests every day by the way our team treats them with honor, dignity and respect and by the way our team serves them.

It’s an honor to serve you and work to make a difference for you, our guests, every day at Chick-fil-A!!

Shane Todd